"Emory has a very complicated and large-scale operation exceeding 1,800 cars per day. We were looking for the best valet service in the country and we found it with Advanced Pro Services. They have met and surpassed all of our expectations. APS is constantly improving the speed and quality of service. I would highly recommend them to any facility of any size."

- Director of Facilities Management & Safety, The Emory Clinic

“APS Parking at Emory University Hospital is always efficient, pleasant and has great customer service.”

- Dr. Kamak Mansour, MBBCH Cardiothoracic Surgeon Professor at Emory School of Medicine

“I wanted to send a personal note letting you know how responsive, courteous and competent your staff is regardless of the time of day or the weather. I appreciated their timely manner in which they handled their responsibilities and their overall attitude. You’ve got a very good team.”

- Linda M. Family to a patient

“Over the past 11 years during my frequent visits to Emory Hospital, I have had the pleasure of interacting with numerous valet companies. The current group of valets including Blake B. and Beni S. have exceeded any previous customer service levels by far. They are always courteous and efficient, as well as very prompt.”

- Lynn D., Patient

“Wonderful staff, always helpful, respectful, courteous. They deserve a raise! Thank you.”

- Jennifer B.,  Patient

“Elizabeth is a 5 star guest service advocate!”

- Patient

“The valets are always courteous, quick and safe with my vehicle. They are extremely friendly as well.”

- Monique K, Patient

“The valets are always prompt and attentive. The service is fast and efficient and the valets are very friendly.”

- Tricia C., Registered Nurse

“Such a friendly group - Roger is extremely professional and always has a smile for everyone.”

- Eleanor A., Patient

“Valets are always courteous and more importantly reliable. Valets do their job with a smile and make you comfortable with your car in their care.”

- Tracey W., Patient


- Joy M, Patient

“Very courteous staff”

- J. Rhodes, Patient

“Professional with a smile”

- Edward B., Patient

“I have been using the valet services here for a few months. I am pleased with the service and appreciate their kindness when I arrive and when I leave. Please continue to allow the services to continue at these locations.”

- Lydia B., Patient

“Great service offered by Emory. I use it all the time.”

- Boffin B, Patient

“Your staff is always courteous and timely. He makes my treatment for cancer a lot nicer.”

- Bernadette A.,  Patient

“This is a great service. Roger in customer service is very customer service friendly.”

- Juanita S., Patient

“Roger is pleasant and always waiting and willing to help patients. Patients are very pleased with his services.”

- Gerald S.

“Emory University Hospital has the best, fastest, and most courteous valet services of all the Atlanta hospitals.”

- Amy R., Medical Sales Representative

“You guys are good and reliable, thank you.”

- Emory Healthcare Employee

“Valet is very courteous and polite when opening car doors for the patients of Emory Hospital.”

- Monica D. Emory, Healthcare Employee

“Such a help”

- Adam C., Patient

“Emory Valet is amazing! Thank you!”

– Chris P., Patient

“Everyone was courteous.”

- James T., Patient

“I left my cell phone in my car. The attendant parking the car was paged and he brought the phone back to me. Excellent service!”

- Beth E., Patient

“I left my wallet in my car, it contained $170 in cash. Nothing in my wallet was tampered with. The valet had seen the wallet and had made a note on my ticket that it was in there. I was so happy to be served by such trustworthy people.”

- Sarah S., Patient

“The staff at Advanced Parking Services at Emory Hospital always go out of their way to be friendly and courteous.”

- Rebecca S., Patient

“Keep up the good work.”

- Fredrick R., Medical Representative

“Wonderful, such an awesome service.”

- Travis C,. Patient

“Great service and such pleasant efficient workers.”

- Garry S., Patient

“Rick is very nice and helpful, very happy with the service.”

- Emily R., Patient

“We have relied on Advanced Parking Services at Emory for several years. This is the best group we have ever encountered.”

- Eric S., Patient

“The service that Advanced Parking Services does at Emory University Hospital is vitally important for us as patients.”

- Ricardo S., Patient

“Thank you so much for your valued service!”

- Stephanie W., Patient

“The APS service at Emory has always been excellent!”

- Mary Ann A., Patient

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